Stuffed Omelettes

We add all of the farm fresh ingredients to a fluffy four egg omelette. Served with Factory Potatoes or Hash Browns and your choice of Breakfast Bread.

Whole Farm Omelette

For those who want it all! It’s a classic. Starting with ched-dar & monterey-jack cheeses, crumbled bacon, diced ham, country sausage, mushrooms, onions and bell peppers. Top it all off with more cheddar & monterey-jack cheeses and diced tomatoes.


Country Garden Omelette

A hearty blend of vegetables, diced tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, avocado and broccoli, topped with cheddar cheese and hollandaise sauce.


Enchilada Omelette

Loaded with homemade chorizo, avocado, tomatoes and onions. Topped with melted cheddar & monterey-jack cheeses and our own chipotle sauce.


Harvest Omelette

Stuffed with smoked ham, bell peppers and onions, then topped with cheddar cheese.


Taco ¡OLE! Omelette

We’re definitely talkin´ south of the border here! Pepper-jack cheese, seasoned ground beef, jalapeños, topped with homemade salsa, melted pepper-jack cheese and sour cream.


Steak & Mushroom Omelette

Sautéed mushrooms, onions and tender steak tips topped with swiss cheese.


Whole Hog Omelette

The big bad wolf would love this, crumbled bacon, smoked ham, country sausage topped with melted cheddar cheese.


Bacado Omelette

Crumbled bacon and sliced avocado smothered In melted monterey-jack cheese. Served with salsa on the side.


Popeye's Omelette

Sautéed fresh spinach, mushrooms, onions and melted swiss cheese folded into your omelette.


Make'em Your Way Omelette

Begin with our hearty four egg omelette and your choice of three items from below:


Additional charge of             per item:
Mushrooms ∙ Green Chilies ∙ Tomatoes ∙ Onions Sour Cream ∙ Ham ∙ Spinach ∙ Sausage ∙ Chili Bacon ∙ Jalapeños ∙ Bell Peppers ∙ Chorizo ∙ Salsa Pineapple ∙ Factory Potatoes ∙ Turkey ∙ Broccoli ∙ Cheddar Cheese ∙ Swiss Cheese ∙ American Cheese ∙ Pepper-Jack Cheese ∙ Monterey-Jack Cheese

Tater Toppers

We’ll cover your potatoes with melted cheddar cheese for an additional. Add

Loaded with chopped bacon, cheddar cheese and sour cream. Add

Smothered in our homemade country sausage gravy. Add

We’ll top your potatoes with sautéed bell peppers and onions at no additional charge. Add